JV Syrin Trade

Global deliveries to the middle East and Europe of agricultural products.

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Pumpkin seeds, Grains, walnuts, Legumes, Medicinal plants, Peat, Timber, charcoal

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Highly competitive , well-educated , qualified personnel!

Pumpkin seeds, Grains, walnuts, Legumes, Medicinal plants, Peat, Timber, charcoal

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About the company

JV Syrina agroindustrial group in which all parts are interconnected and completely controlled. We grow, harvest, process and sell agricultural products.

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20 years JV Syrina grows, processes, exports and sells agricultural products.
The pumpkin seeds, walnut, beans, grain, feed.

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JV Syrina

25 years in the agricultural market of Ukraine.


Dear clients, Ukraine is really great country with many opportunities for doing business.

  • Advantages Of Ukraine:Highly competitive , well-educated , skilled workforce
  • The strategic location of trade routes at the crossroads between East and West and North and South
  • an ideal platform for production and export to the Middle East and Africa.
  • Extensive transport infrastructure with railroad system, black sea and Azov sea ports, and panEuropean transport corridor.

JV Syrina " is a Ukrainian-Syrian company with 25 years of experience in the field of production, processing and sales of agricultural products, during which we gained valuable experience and a great amount of business relations both with Ukrainian and foreign companies . Our company is active participant of international trading activity.

We provide customers with high quality products, using only the best gifts of Ukrainian lands.

Our company has necessary material and technical base, which includes offices, workshops, processing and packaging of grains and oilseeds, has the processing of walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

The priority of our company is the guarantee of product quality. Staff supervise all stages from the production to the delivery of the product to the buyer.