Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs, berries, roots and in dried form

Joint venture "Syrina" - works on agricultural market of Ukraine more than 18 years. We are preparing the agricultural products, clean, we dry, process, pack and export to Europe and the Middle East.

Under the brand of "Green World" we sell medicinal plants, which collect in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine during the year.

Our company offers a range of Medicinal herbs, berries, roots and in dried for pharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturers of dietary supplements, as well as other companies use in their production of such products.


01 flax seeds

Flax seeds


02 thistle



03 calamus root

Calamus root


04 marshmallow root

Marshmallow root


05 licorice root

Licorice root


06 valerian root dosage

Valerian root dosage


07 buds of birch

Buds of birch


08 pine buds

Pine buds


09 flowers helichrysum sandy

Flowers Helichrysum sandy


10 hawthorn fruit

Hawthorn fruit


11 black elderberry

Black elderberry


12 grass knotweed

Grass knotweed


13 oak bark

Oak bark


14 stjohns wort herb

St. John's wort herb


15 nettle leaves

Nettle leaves


16 corn silk

Corn silk


17 color linden

Color linden


31 leaves mother and stepmother

Leaves mother and stepmother


18 juniper berries

Juniper berries


19 flowers of tansy

Flowers of tansy


20 plantain leaves

Plantain leaves


21 wormwood herb

Wormwood herb


22 flowers camomile

Flowers camomile


23 yarrow



24 horsetail herb

Horsetail herb


25 thyme herb

Thyme herb


26 grass succession

Grass succession


27 celandine grass

Celandine grass


28 sage leaves

Sage leaves


29 rose hips

Rose hips


30 bilberry fruits

Bilberry fruits