Pumpkin seeds

20 years of "Syrina " grows, processes, and exports of pumpkin seeds. The company "Syrina " from the very beginning has set for itself the goal: to build whole chain of production and processing of pumpkin seeds on a modern basis. The factory already fully meets these requirements - and technology, and hygiene, and all other parameters.

Pumpkin Seeds SORTS:


1.Snow white pumpkin seeds "Grey Volga"


ukrainian multiple

2. Pumpkin seeds "Ukrainian yellow"



3. Bulgarian (Lady Nail)


a hundred pound

4. Snow white pumpkin seeds "Hundred pounds"


PACKING: polypropylene bags, 25 kg

CALIBER: 8-10 mm 10-12 mm 12+mm

Correspondence language is English, Russian, ARABIC.

Hopefully, our cooperation will be successful and fruitful.

We suggest you to sign the contract on sale of pumpkin seeds of 2016 crop. Delivery terms are on FCA Kiev. Quantity is from 500 to 1000 tons. If you sign the contract previously you can count on the lower price.